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I haven’t really posted anything big (mostly little snippets) because I’m not really great at translating my thoughts into words.  However, I decided I really, really need to, so here goes.

I remember how I had I worried so much about if I could BE a dad or not.  It’s weird, when you came into this world, all bright eyed, everything clicked.  I’ll never understand how some guys just can’t do it, because it’s all I have ever wanted since meeting you.

We’ve had some great times, I’ve taught you how to strum a ukulele, skateboard, cook, and how to be beautiful.  I’ve taught you that to be truly beautiful is to be beautiful inside and to treat those less fortunate as friends and family. 

I know that what we have is and will always be a beautiful thing and I’m so thankful and glad to have you.  I can’t believe that you are 6 years old and will never be 5, or 4, or even a baby ever again.  I will never forget lying down, with you tucked in my arm, and us both falling asleep.  That’s probably why you still want me to hold you all of the time, haha. 

Love you always,



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